The hackathon will be taking place as planned.

As of January 29th, there are no changes to the hackathon schedule. Check this page for any updates.

The symposium day (4th, Tuesday)

    • At 08:30, registration will be open at the hotel lobby, where all the attendees staying at the hotel are asked to complete their registration.
    • At 08:50, a guide will leave the hotel for the venue. If you want to be guided from the hotel to the venue are expected to be at the lobby at the time. Otherwise, you are expected to find the way to the venue yourself.
    • At 09:10, registration will be open at the venue, for the attendees staying at other places than the official hotel.
    • At 17:30, after the symposium, attendees will be guided to the venue of the hackathon venue (2F of Science Plaza), where attendees to the welcome dinner (B1F of Science Plaza) can stay until the welcome dinner will begin at 18:30.
    • For the attendees, who are already registered for the reception (welcome dinner), the meal will be sponsored by ROIS. However, each attendee needs to pay 1,500 JPY for drink. Please prepare the exact amount in cash for your on-site registration (to avoid congestion at the registration).

The hackathon days (5th - 7th)

  • For everyday,
    • the hackathon venue (the Kyousou space) will be open at 08:50, and closed at 22:00. However,
    • the main entrance of the building (Science Plaza) will be closed at 19:00, which means
    • after 19:00, while you still can leave the building, you will be locked out without help from inside the building.
    • To get in the building after 19:00, you can call DBCLS staff:
      • 090-1115-1060 (Yuka Tateisi, 5th - 7th) or
      • 080-1113-4923 (Terue Takatsuki, 5th).
  • In Science Plaza, smoking areas are on the 5th and 7th floors.
  • On the last day (the 7th, Friday), after the grand wrap-up, a farewell party will be organized. Those who want to join the party are asked to contribute 2,000 JPY/each, which will be collected on the 6th (Thursday).